Can I Be Sued For Using Other People’s Pictures On My Website?

Can I Be Sued For Using Other People’s Pictures On My Website?

A picture is worth a thousand words; It’s true. A picture is also worth a thousand dollars, especially in lawsuits. Using a photo online that is not yours (on your blog, website, etc) could lead to a lawsuit. Let’s be real; there are photos everywhere online and websites like Pinterest, and Tumblr seem to promote using other’s photos. In the big picture, it doesn’t matter. This is the prime reason why there are so many misunderstandings when it comes to photos online and these misunderstandings could lead to trouble.

Common photo misunderstandings:
1. You can link back to the photo source and use the photographer’s name
2. As long as the photo is not full sized, it’s okay.
3. You add a disclaimer with the photo.
4. You didn’t make a profit from the image, so it’s okay to use.

These are misunderstandings, meaning they are not true. They often may lead people to trouble with copyright infringement.

Perhaps you are fed up with seeing your photos on websites that are producing a profit for others. The best and most intelligent thing you can do it copyright your work as soon as possible.
Copyright Your Work

The process to copyright a work can be tedious and time consuming. As an alternative, professionals at offer an affordable, (not to mention safe and secure) easy way for anyone to obtain copyright protection on works. The process will most likely cost you $89.99 (before tax). For an extra $30, an express service is an available option and you will obtain copyright rights sooner rather than later.

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