Can I Copyright Jewelry I Made?

Can I Copyright Jewelry I Made?

Are you into fashion design and want to know if you can copyright your jewelry creations (considering you can’t copyright your clothing)? Maybe you thought of and sketched a detailed drawing of ring that you want to eventually sell? Whatever the case may be, jewelry can be copyright protected.

Copyright Your Work

Here is what to know on jewelry copyright:

• Copyright laws cover jewelry because it falls under “pictorial, graphic and sculptural works”.
• Once the jewelry is in tangible form, so perhaps simply a drawing of it or the finished piece can be copyrighted.
• Jewelry is under the big copyright umbrella of visual art.
• The more unique the design or item is, the easier it is to copyright.
• Copyright does not protect titles or names of a piece.

Do you want to copyright a piece of jewelry now? In order to copyright protect a piece of jewelry as visual art item, there is a process to follow. This process is all made possible online with the professionals at

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