Where Can I Search To View A List Of Copyright Works and Copyright Authors?

Where Can I Search To View A List Of Copyright Works and Copyright Authors?

Have you ever wondered if there is a centralized location where you can view what (or who) has a copyright protection? Have you ever read something and later wondered who copyright protected it?

Registered copyright works are listed online. In fact, The United States Copyright Office or the USCO has a website which lists these copyright registered authors. These are all works registered after January 1, 1978.

Copyright Your Work

To check copyright items:

1. Go to the US Copyright Office website at http://www.copyright.gov/records/
2. Click “Search the Catalog” on the “Search Copyright Information” page.
3. Enter your search terms in the “Search for” box. You will enter the author’s name, the title
of the work, the document number, or a keyword.
4. Below, in the “Search by” category, click the subject you are searching for such as “Title”,
“Keyword”, etc.
5. You will receive the results of your search. (Below the “Search by” box you will see you
have the option to change the amount of records viewed per page.)

After this search, (or perhaps before) you may have realized that you want your name on that list and there is something you want to copyright protect. The process can be done at www.legalcentral.com in a simple, time efficient fashion. The professional website will help you avoid the hassle sometimes associated with the copyright process.

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