Who Is Getty Images And Why Are They Threatening To Sue Me?

Who Is Getty Images And Why Are They Threatening To Sue Me?

Can you imagine opening your mail to a “Settlement Demand” letter saying you used an image on your website without licensing and will have to pay a large amount? It happens every day to thousands (many who didn’t even know they were doing anything illegal). Who is Getty Images after all?

Getty Images is:
• A business based off a model aimed at owning as many images as possible.
• Getty Images collects damages for individuals who have used the images without permission.
• One of the biggest stock photo agencies in the world.
• Composed of experts and lawyers who know everything (yes, everything) about copyright laws.
• Uses copyright laws to make money ( a lot of money).

Copyright Your Work
How they do it:
• Getty Images has a system which scans the internet constantly, seeking places where images have been used without copyright licensing.
• If the situation permits, they instantly send a letter to this person or company (who is using the image without licensing) along with a fee to pay.
• If the individual or company disregards the letter and decides not to pay, Getty Images will continue to send letters in order to receive the money they are requesting. Left unpaid, Getty Images will take the settlement letter a step further and then threaten a copyright lawsuit.
• The experts and lawyers at Getty Images know copyright law inside and out because that is their main focus.

It is important to learn from a large business like Getty Images about the importance of copyrighting your photos. By doing so, you will learn the value of protecting your own photos (before someone else does) and more importantly, have control over who uses your photos. Using www.legalcentral.com, anyone can easily copyright at an affordable price.

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